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Free live musical entertainment is available to organisations in Kitchener and Waterloo. More distant locations require expenses compensation.

For free music applications contact Emil's Accordion

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The reason for the free musical entertainment is the newly added LIMEX sound system and the need for applying it under real world situations. This is easiest done under a no-stress situation.

Duration of free musical entertainment may be anything between 1 and 2 hours, as decided by the musician and may be changed on-site by the musician. The performance offers good music in a casual style, with breaks at any time (though short and usually for technical reasons only) The musician must retain full control of the performance time. There can be no time and stage sharing with anyone else.

The most likely week day is Tuesday afternoon starting 1 or 1:30. The special offer is directed at organisations with a repetitive need for various kinds of entertainment, including music with singing. Typically Senior's Homes, Communities, Volunteer groups, etc. If the description provided above meets your situation you should ask. The number of free performances for the same organisation is limited. There is no guarantee for the performance on the date and time agreed, but in most cases it is reliable.

Updated 2007.8.8.